Articulation Mountain Climber- getting students excited about their progress

For my students working on articulation skills I have found three things imperative to their success and quick mastering of target sounds. 1. Drill-focusing more on the students having the maximum number of trials per session verse focusing on whether … Continue reading

Quick Articulation Activity

My school had an assembly today and a few sessions were cut in half from 30 minutes to 15 minutes.  By the time my students came down to my office we had about 10 minutes left in the session.  They … Continue reading

Back to Basic Series- What are your five go to materials?

Now that I am back from holiday break, I am trying to plan for the first school week of the new year.  Since I am still on vacation time I am definitely thinking of how I can, “work smarter, not … Continue reading

Get up and move series-Musical Chairs-Singing and dancing while learning!

A long time ago I saw an activity that targeted rhyming in a book called 101 Reading Activities: A Multi-sensory Approach (I think it was by Linguisystem but I cant find it anymore).   You moved the chairs away from … Continue reading

Grammar or Articulation Activity using “Jenga”

My students have been working on identifying what a noun, verb and adjective are for some time now and asked to play a game.  I find that there are a lot of games out there that you can easily use … Continue reading

Dollar Store Series-Prepositions

The Paper Bag Princess saves money.   One of my favorite books is, “The Paper Bag Princess” by Robert N. Munsch.  When I saw the pink piggy bank and pink princess coins at The Dollar Store I knew what I … Continue reading

Dollar Store Finds for Speech Therapy Activities

I found a pin that was titled “Dollar Store Dash” when perusing Pinterest one night.  I clicked on it and it lead me to Miss Thrifty SLP website ( October 2014). Since yesterday was a rainy day I decided to stop … Continue reading