Articulation Mountain Climber- getting students excited about their progress

For my students working on articulation skills I have found three things imperative to their success and quick mastering of target sounds. 1. Drill-focusing more on the students having the maximum number of trials per session verse focusing on whether … Continue reading

I Spy With my Little Eyes….an EET activity

The other day I was on Pinterest and saw this pin on Pinterest from   I immediately downloaded and printed the ‘I Spy’ worksheet.   I originally used it for work on vocabulary, specifically categories (ex. “Color all the things that … Continue reading

Get up and move series-Musical Chairs-Singing and dancing while learning!

A long time ago I saw an activity that targeted rhyming in a book called 101 Reading Activities: A Multi-sensory Approach (I think it was by Linguisystem but I cant find it anymore).   You moved the chairs away from … Continue reading

Get Up and Move Series-Airplane Articulation Activity

Part two of my Get Up and Move series can be used with any area of speech and language that you are trying to target. For this post I specifically targeted articulation skills but you can easily adapt it to … Continue reading

Get up and Move Series-Paper Cup Articulation Tower

In December my students are so excited about the winter break that it is hard to keep them at a table top activity for 30 minutes.  I try to get my students out of the chair and moving around the … Continue reading

Dollar Store Series: Easy Co-treating Activity with OT and SLP

Football Obstacle Course Ever find it difficult to have a 30 minute activity that incorporates both OT and SL goals/objectives ? Here is the perfect solution: an obstacle course.  Read below to find out how the OT at my school … Continue reading