Do they match? 

When introducing nonverbal language to students I felt like I needed a quick assessment of their skills. Can they match facial expression & body language (nonverbal cues) to a social situation?

As a result Lets Babble On’s TPT store just made  this activity available.  It is perfect for pre- and post assessments, homework or take a few pages as exit tickets.


The best part is that this activity elicited more conversation around nonverbal language and social situations then I expected!

For example, in the picture to the left a student said, ‘No.’ By saying “no” they were saying that the emotion of happy does not match going on a field trip all day.  When I asked the student to explain he said, “I’d rather be in school all day then go on a field trip to the zoo.” This was a great teachable moment. We preceded to have discussions around people viewing situations differently.

Please let us know what you thought of the activity!

My Feelings Coloring Book on TPT

In our last post I mentioned that Lets Babble On’s feeling graphics were available on TPT and that we were working on activities/items that incorporated the graphics.  Today we posted a feelings coloring book for just $2.00.   There are 16 feelings included in this coloring book (excited, happy, proud, calm, frustrated, bored, focused, mean, out of control, sad, sick, silly, surprised, terrified, tired and worried)

This coloring book is great to introduce students to feeling words as you are developing their robust vocabulary.   You can use the back of the coloring sheet to discuss strategies to use when you are feeling a certain way or to describe specific facial expressions (ex. frown, eyes are squinted), etc.   This is also a great activity because they can bring it home to color as well for a carryover activity.   You can also download the coloring pages, have your students each color one and use them for a ‘feelings bulletin board!’  ENJOY!

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 6.50.02 AM

Feelings Clipart Available on TPT

We have made our feelings clipart available for use on Lets Babble On’s TPT Store.  Visit and purchase 16 color and 16 black and white feelings pictures.  The images are high resolution PNG’s ideal for printing and resizing.  You can … Continue reading

Teacher Appreciation Week TPT Sale May 5th and 6th


I am in the process of making several activities to put up on my TPT store.  In the meantime, in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, visit my store and get 20% off the 3 products I currently have up for sale along with several free activities.


Speech / OT Version of an Easter egg hunt-weeks later

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New Teachers Pay Teachers Product-Synonyms

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Get up and move series-Musical Chairs-Singing and dancing while learning!

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Dollar Store Series-Final Consonant Deletion

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Dollar Store Finds for Speech Therapy Activities

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