I Spy With my Little Eyes….an EET activity

The other day I was on Pinterest and saw this pin on Pinterest from http://munchkinsandmayhem.blogspot.com/?m=1.   I immediately downloaded and printed the ‘I Spy’ worksheet.   I originally used it for work on vocabulary, specifically categories (ex. “Color all the things that … Continue reading

Back to Basics-How to elicit language from toys

Last month I posted a top ten list of basic toys that children love to play with.   This week’s blog targets how to use those toys to elicit language.   Chances are that as long as you are not … Continue reading

Back to the Basics Series-Following the Child’s Lead-Part One

I recently had in increase in three year olds on my caseload.  It is important that when you work with infants and toddlers you follow the child’s lead.  What I mean by this is whatever the child seems interested in … Continue reading

Back to Basic Series- What are your five go to materials?

Now that I am back from holiday break, I am trying to plan for the first school week of the new year.  Since I am still on vacation time I am definitely thinking of how I can, “work smarter, not … Continue reading

Get Up and Move Series-Scavenger Hunt

One of the easiest and most fun activities is a scavenger hunt.  This can be done at home, school, after school programs, the library, private clinics  etc. The hardest thing about a scavenger hunt activity is coming up with the … Continue reading

Quick Sequencing Activity-Free Printable

Head over to my NEW TPT’s page to download sequencing strip activities for free.   Click on sequencing page 1 and sequencing page 2. I cut out the steps and mix up them up in a pile.   Next the students … Continue reading

Dollar Store Series: A fun use of articulation/flash cards

JACKPOT!!! I cannot take credit for this game.   Someone shared this idea so long ago that I do not know who to give credit to. I have been using Jackpot in therapy for almost ten years and it never gets old. … Continue reading

Dollar Store Series: Easy Co-treating Activity with OT and SLP

Football Obstacle Course Ever find it difficult to have a 30 minute activity that incorporates both OT and SL goals/objectives ? Here is the perfect solution: an obstacle course.  Read below to find out how the OT at my school … Continue reading

Dollar Store Series-Co-treating with OT

“Are you ready for some football?” Every Monday the Occupational Therapist (OT) and I meet to plan for our preschool SPOT (Speech and Occupational Therapy co-treat) group that meets on Fridays.  We always start our planning meeting with how can we … Continue reading

Dollar Store Series-Prepositions

The Paper Bag Princess saves money.   One of my favorite books is, “The Paper Bag Princess” by Robert N. Munsch.  When I saw the pink piggy bank and pink princess coins at The Dollar Store I knew what I … Continue reading