Do they match? 

When introducing nonverbal language to students I felt like I needed a quick assessment of their skills. Can they match facial expression & body language (nonverbal cues) to a social situation?

As a result Lets Babble On’s TPT store just made  this activity available.  It is perfect for pre- and post assessments, homework or take a few pages as exit tickets.


The best part is that this activity elicited more conversation around nonverbal language and social situations then I expected!

For example, in the picture to the left a student said, ‘No.’ By saying “no” they were saying that the emotion of happy does not match going on a field trip all day.  When I asked the student to explain he said, “I’d rather be in school all day then go on a field trip to the zoo.” This was a great teachable moment. We preceded to have discussions around people viewing situations differently.

Please let us know what you thought of the activity!

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