My Feelings Coloring Book on TPT

In our last post I mentioned that Lets Babble On’s feeling graphics were available on TPT and that we were working on activities/items that incorporated the graphics.  Today we posted a feelings coloring book for just $2.00.   There are 16 feelings included in this coloring book (excited, happy, proud, calm, frustrated, bored, focused, mean, out of control, sad, sick, silly, surprised, terrified, tired and worried)

This coloring book is great to introduce students to feeling words as you are developing their robust vocabulary.   You can use the back of the coloring sheet to discuss strategies to use when you are feeling a certain way or to describe specific facial expressions (ex. frown, eyes are squinted), etc.   This is also a great activity because they can bring it home to color as well for a carryover activity.   You can also download the coloring pages, have your students each color one and use them for a ‘feelings bulletin board!’  ENJOY!

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 6.50.02 AM

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