Pencil & Eraser Clip Art Activity

Screen shot 2015-09-12 at 12.48.14 PMI love using Lets Babble On’s Synonym Pencil Activity  as an exit ticket and a way to collect data for my students.  For the graphics on this activity we designed a traditional pencil and block eraser.  We have been working on designing color options for you to use in your classroom/therapy activities and are excited that today the Pencil and Eraser Clip Art is available at our TPT store!  There are 26 colored pencils and erasers.  We hope you enjoy the graphics as much as we  do.  Please share ways that you have used them or comment on our TPT store!  Here is one way I used these graphics in my speech therapy session.

Some of my students are working vocabulary and on how items are related (What goes together? How are they the same? How are they different?).  I have the Super Duper What Items Go Together Cards which I think are great for assessing the skill at a basic level.  My students love playing memory (concentration) and I have found that they can match the pictures that go together proficiently.   I wanted to take this skill one step further and take the visual cue away.  I am always conscious of the prompting hierarchy and finding ways to have my students demonstrate a learned skill with less prompting/cueing and more independence.

*I know that some students require a visual cue (on their IEP as an accommodation) so, this activity does not necessarily apply to all your students and may need to be adapted.*

  1. First download the graphics from Lets Babble On’s TPT store.
  2. Cut and paste the number of matching pencils & erasers you want onto a Word document (The great thing about these graphics is you can adjust the size and still maintain the quality-they do not become blurry if you enlarge them!).
  3. Print and cut out each pencil and eraser.
  4. Glue onto index cards (I used 4×6)
  5. Laminate (optional-I laminated these cards because they last longer)
  6. Lay out your cards to make a memory board. I had a total of 25 cards.  One of my cards had a star on it.  If the student picked up that card they received a match point and got to go again).
  7. If a student does not turn over the same color pencil and eraser it is the next person’s turn.

No match!


No match!

8. If they get a match, they have to come up with two items that go together and explain why.  For example,  banana and monkey, frog and tadpole (It is great when you can have the students use curriculum vocabulary), president and George Washington, etc.



For one of my groups, we tried to see if they could come up with one item that was the color of the match they got.  For example, on the above picture the student found the green eraser and matched it with the green pencil.  He then had to come up with one green item.  He said “frog” and then came up with an item that goes together with a frog, “tadpole.”   The students in this group said they liked being challenged!

*As an exit ticket (to check if they have learned and retained the skill) I had the students had to write three examples of items that go together.  I made the pencil and erasers smaller (again, the quality was maintained!) and lined up the corresponding pencil and eraser on opposite sides of the page.  At their next speech and language therapy session, I handed it back to them to bring home and discuss with their parent(s).


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