Oldie but Goodie: Mr. Potato Head

mr. potato head

We all love Mr. Potato Head.  Kids love Mr. Potato Head.  Parents love Mr. Potato Head.  Why wouldn’t we use something that everyone loves?!?

I found these stickers at The Dollar Store and immediately knew I must do my next post on a Mr. Potato Head activity.  (side note:  The Dollar Store also had a deck of Mr. Potato Head cards which depicted Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head in various occupations. Of course, I bought those too!)IMG_9482

This activity is a spin on the classic Mr. Potato Head activity.

1.  The student requests which body part he/she wants.
2.  After each step take a picture of the activity.
3.  Review the steps (great place to target transition words: first, next, last)

Next session:

*Upload pictures to computer…..print out or leave on the computer

1.  Make a power point presentation with the pictures that you took.  (make it with the student or beforehand)
2.  Have the student express what is happening in the picture (“Put on the eyes.” or “First, I put on the eyes.”)
3.  Watch the presentation.
4.  Have students make Mr. Potato Head the same way you did in the presentation. (targets memory skills/strategies as well)

*For younger students I showed them a slide on the PowerPoint and had them perform the step instead of having them remember all the steps from the slideshow.

If you print out and laminate the slides (highly recommend this because then you have a set of sequencing cards to keep on hand) have students put the cards in order.  Next play the slideshow and see if they put them in the correct order.

Send home to parents as a carryover activity.

At the end of the session I had the students tell me what Mr. Potato Head sticker they wanted (“I want Space Mr. Potato Head.) to target describing words/increasing expressive language.  Most of the time the students said, “I want that one.”

Next session:

Print out Mr. Potato Coloring Page.  Have the student request what sticker they would like.  Then tell them where to put it targeting prepositions.

“Put the astronaut Mr. Potato Head on his hat).

For a multi-step direction:

“Color the hat black and then put the scuba diver Mr.Potato Head sticker on his hat.”

It is a pretty simple 3 session (at least) activity but the students were engaged for all three sessions.  They loved making their own presentation (I love working in technology to my activities when I can!) on the computer.  There is also Mr. Potato Head App that I use the last two minutes of the session (as I am writing data!).

I used this activity for language for students with language, articulation and/or fluency difficulties.

Here are some links I used for my activities.

Coloring Page

Boardmaker Share *

Mr. Potato Head App

*You need to register to download Boardmaker Share visuals.  It is free and worth it! It is a great place with thousand of visuals to supplement most activities/themes.

If you want to use a pre-made Power Point here is one with the steps provided and one without.

Mr. Potato Head PPT with written steps

Mr. Potato Head PPT without written steps.


What is your favorite Mr. Potato Head activity?

*picture of Mr. Potato Head from http://www.healthland.time.com July 2015

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