What to do with the Super Duper catalogs….

**This activity can be used with any catalog**
I don’t know about you but, every month I get a Super Duper catalog in my mailbox and often put it in the recycle bin.  I love Super Duper products but there is not enough budget at my school to get everything I would want.  I don’t even want to open it because I will be tempted.  Last month when I got the catalog I decided to use it to make materials for my students.  I had the students take turns cutting out ten action pictures from the catalog.  When they had their ten pictures, they had to tell each other what the person was doing in the picture.  For example, “He is writing.”  “She is sitting.”  Then I asked them if they could make their sentences longer by adding some detail.  For example, “He is writing with a pencil.”  “She is sitting on the floor.”   We then glued each picture to an index card.  I laminated them and now I have VERB cards (that were FREE!).  *My OT also told me that this was a great way to observe fine motor skills (cutting, pasting, peeling stickers)!



I used the verb cards to work on opposites.


I used these cards for articulation and fluency therapy too!


I was able to elicit so much language with this activity.  As the students were looking at the catalog they had great conversations with each other about the games and items they wanted.

Which lead me to another use of the Super Duper catalog.  I made a list of all the games and toys the students liked (I did it with all of my groups as a warm up activity!)—the students LOVED using the “Gotta Have” stickers (inside the catalog).  Each student pulled off the sticker and put it on the page of their top three items they wanted.  At the end of the week, I made a list of the top 15 items.  The next session, my students picked their favorite out of the 15.  The next week we analyzed the results.  This was a great warm-up language activity for all ages!  We worked on the concepts of most and least.    I put the top four items on a list and saved it for next school year when we do our purchasing for the new school year.

What do your students like the most from Super Duper? least?

Here are the top four items my students liked:
Descripto Dino
Penguin Pile-Up
Diggity Dog
Jeepers Peepers












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