Speech / OT Version of an Easter egg hunt-weeks later

Although Easter has passed, our preschoolers still love going on Easter egg hunts.  This year I decided to buy a whole bunch of plastic Easter eggs (from Amazon) to use throughout the year.  Im pretty sure my younger students would open and close them all year round! IMG_8437
When my OT and I met to develop an activity for our preschool group, I asked her if the preschoolers had enough fine motor control to open and close these eggs.  When she said yes, the ideas for activities started to flow.  I wanted to target prepositions and the OT wanted to target copying letters.  The OT came up with the four letters she wanted the students to imitate.  We put each letter in a different colored egg.  In the blue egg we put a prize for each student (a pencil topper from The Dollar Store).


We then hid the Easter eggs throughout the preschool classroom. (preposition ‘on’ and ‘next to’ shown below)


Next we would have the students find one egg at a time.  For example, “Find an orange egg.” When the students found the egg we would ask them, “Where was the egg?”  They would have to use the preposition in their response.  “on the chair.”  or “on the table.” This directly targeted expressive use of prepositions.  I also could take data on articulation skills.

IMG_8439The students would bring the egg back to the table and open it up.  They then had to take the letter out of the egg and paste it under the accurate preposition.  For example, if the orange egg was found on the chair, they had to glue the ‘O’ paper under the column that shows the egg ‘on.‘   The student would then take an orange crayon (corresponds to the color egg/practicing identifying colors) and copy that letter four times.

IMG_8434                                                            Free Printable Preposition Egg Hunt Worksheet
When they were all done.  They opened their blue eggs and found the pencil topper.  Each student also earned a pencil to put their pencil topper “on.”


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