I Spy With my Little Eyes….an EET activity

The other day I was on Pinterest and saw this pin on Pinterest from http://munchkinsandmayhem.blogspot.com/?m=1.   I immediately downloaded and printed the ‘I Spy’ worksheet.   I originally used it for work on vocabulary, specifically categories (ex. “Color all the things that can fly.”), and articulation (ex. “Color all the items that have the /s/ sound in them.”).

One day I was working with a group that has been learning and using the Expanding Expression Tool (EET).  Before the group came into the office, an idea came to me.  I can use this worksheet with EET!!!!

Here is how I used it:

1.  Print out the “I Spy”  worksheet for each student in your group.  Screen shot 2015-02-27 at 9.38.36 PM

2. Fill a basket with the crayons that coincide with the color on each part of the EET.   For example blue crayons for “blue do,” green crayons for “green-group.” I used more than one crayon per color but you don’t have to.


3. The first child closes their eyes and pick a crayon.  They match the color of the crayon with the corresponding element of the EET.  For example, if the student picks a pink crayon that corresponds to “pink parts.”   The child then would say, for example,   “Color the item that has a shell, head, four legs and a tail.”  IMG_7818_2

5.  Then the student states what the answer is and sees if the other students in the group got the answer correct.  (Game Version: if all the students in the group got the answer correct then the person who gave the direction gets a point.  If the other students in the group did not get the answer correct then they do not get a point).   If the students did not get the answer correct this is a great moment to have a group discussion about why.


**For ‘What does it look like” we used a black crayon and for “white where” we used a purple crayon since coloring in the item  white would not show up.  IMG_7860

I see this group twice a week for 30 minutes and when they came for the second session that week they asked if they could play “I Spy” again. Success, learning and having fun!

Last week I used it in 75% of my groups: Articulation. Fluency, Receptive and Expressive Language.  It was the quickest planning for a week worth of therapy that I have done in awhile!


This is just one way to use this worksheet…..how would you use this worksheet in therapy?

3 thoughts on “I Spy With my Little Eyes….an EET activity

  1. I have used these kinds of sheets for barrier games, following directions (color the item above the bird). You can also have them pick an item on the sheet, go to the white board and play hangman or do charades while the other students ask questions to figure out which item he is doing. You can even use the sheet for a story builder: one student picks a picture to start the story an then the other students pick pictures to add to the story.


    • Thank you so much for your comment. These are great activities that I had not thought about! I love that we could print out/copy a bunch of these on Monday and use them with most of our students throughout the week. It takes no time at all to plan and prepare!


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