New Teachers Pay Teachers Product-Synonyms

Stop by Lets Babble On’s Teachers Pay Teachers Storeif you need a synonym activity.  This activity is geared towards K-1 students but can be used with other students for independent/review work.  Here are two examples of how I used this activity.

Screen shot 2015-01-18 at 6.18.08 PM


1.  I had a 2nd grader who is working on carrying over accurate produce of /s/ and /r/ sounds read the words to a K student who is working on vocabulary skills.   This was great because the Kindergartener enjoyed working with an older student- instead of me 🙂 Also, the older student felt great about being a role model.

2.  With my first grade students working on vocabulary skills I printed out the activity and laminated it.  Then I cut each word out (I had a pile of eraser cards and a pile of pencil cards).  I laid them all out on the floor so that there was one column of pencils and one column of erasers.  I then cut out different lengths of yarn.  The students then took the yarn to match the synonyms (pencil to eraser).  My students loved having to figure out which length of yarn to use when they saw a synonym match.


Hope you enjoy!   Lets us know what you think of the activity.

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