Get up and move series-Musical Chairs-Singing and dancing while learning!

A long time ago I saw an activity that targeted rhyming in a book called 101 Reading Activities: A Multi-sensory Approach (I think it was by Linguisystem but I cant find it anymore).   You moved the chairs away from the table and pushed the table in the middle of the room so students could walk around it.  You put four pieces of paper down and wrote the word you wanted them to rhyme at the top.  You had the students start at a piece of paper and come up with as many rhyming words as they could in one minute. When the timer went off they walked to the next piece of paper until everyone had a chance to write on each paper.  I saw this activity and knew instantly that I could adapt it for speech and language therapy activities.

How to play:

photo 1 (2)

  1. Pull the chairs away from the table and put the table in a place were the students/kids can walk around it.
  2. Put pieces of paper down (I usually do 4 but you can do as many as can fit).
  3. Start the music ( I usually do a kid station on Pandora) and have the students walk around the table.
  4. Stop the music.  The students then have to write on the piece of paper that is closest to them until the music starts again.
  5. Keep playing until you have all your paper filled up.**You can also play using the “typical” musical chairs rules.  Rules 1-4 are the same.  After each round take one of the pieces of paper away until there is only one paper left. When there is only two students left the one that is closest to the paper and writes a correct answer wins. 

Notes about the game:

  • I have every student write in a different colored marker and then make note of it.  At the end of the session I collect the paper and there is my data!
  • This activity is great for when you have to make up students in a large group.  You can incorporate everyone’s goals into this activity.
  • For those targeting Zones of Regulation activities- Use four pieces of paper and write down red, yellow, blue, green zones.  Have students write emotions that go with that zone or put pictures from the center of the table in the right zone.  If students notice that an emotion is wrong have them take it out and put back in the center.  You also can divide the paper in half and have one half be for writing emotions and the other half for writing strategies.
  • I use this game primarily for categories and articulation.  The students have to write down words within the category.  At the end of the game the students tell me what they wrote.   For articulation I put the sound that students are targeting at the top of the paper and then they have to come up with words that contain that sound.  At the end of the game I have them tell me the words on the paper with their target sound which will contain words written by them and their peers (this is great because I usually can get up to 50 words for data!).
  • This game is primarily for students who can write but I have used pictures with it.  I have pictures in the center of the table that the students have to place on the corresponding paper (picture of a word containing their sound or corresponding category)
  • You can do this activity for verbs, nouns and adjectives as well.   (See picture below)

This activity is great because it gets students moving around the office.  My students love music and dancing too.  PARENTS:  This is easy to do at home for whatever skill you are targeting: math facts, vocabulary, articulation, language.  Its a great way to get the whole family involved!   

photo 2 (2)

photo 4 (1)



photo 3 (1)

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