Get Up and Move Series-Scavenger Hunt

One of the easiest and most fun activities is a scavenger hunt.  This can be done at home, school, after school programs, the library, private clinics  etc.

The hardest thing about a scavenger hunt activity is coming up with the clues.  I have attached several examples of scavenger hunt clues that you could quickly modify to meet your child/student’s need and/or environment.  I also provided links to some scavenger hunts that I have used as models in the past.

Scavenger hunts are a great way to move away from traditional table top activities!  Happy hunting!

Scavenger Hunt Prepositions
Scavenger Hunt Articulation (School Map)*
Scavenger Hunt Fluency

Clue #1 photo 2






Scavenger Hunt Vocabulary/Attributes

*I give students a map of our school and say, “We are going on a scavenger hunt to see how many things around us contain the ________ sound”  For example, if my student is working on correct articulation of the /k/ sound, we walk around the school and find  objects with the /k/ sound.  (computer, clock, crayon)  On the map we put in X on where we found the object with the /k/ sound.  When we get back to the office we count how many /k/ sounds we saw and discuss that the sound is “all around us.”  This leads to talking about how often we say the /k/ sound in our language and the importance of saying it accurately.

For Social Skills Scavenger Hunt I adapted the scavenger hunt from the following websites:

After the students are done with their “hunt,” I give the clues back to them and they have to put it in order.  Once it is in the correct order they verbally retrace their steps.  This targets both the understanding and use of sequencing skills.  For more sequencing activities view my Teacher Pay Teacher Store.

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