Get Up and Move Series-Airplane Articulation Activity

Part two of my Get Up and Move series can be used with any area of speech and language that you are trying to target. For this post I specifically targeted articulation skills but you can easily adapt it to meet your objective (I listed some ideas below for other speech and language skills).

I found this airplane game at The Dollar Store ($1.00).  It comes with a game board and 8 pieces of paper to make an airplane with.   You can also make this game yourself with little preparation needed.

IMG_8902IMG_8903How to Play:

1. Follow the instructions on how to make the paper airplane (instructions included).   If you are making your own click on the links to instructions (word directions only , word directions with pictures , youtube video) on how to make an airplane. **After we make the airplane I have the students tell me how they made them–targets sequencing skills and collecting data on how they produce their target sound in spontaneous speech productions.



2.  Set up the “runway.” The Dollar Store game came with a runway but you can easily make your own with construction paper or using masking tape on the floor.  I added a 500 point level to make the “runway” longer.


3.  I play this game two ways.

-Version A:  I set up piles of articulation cards at each level of points.  The 100 card pile are words that they can say, one syllable or in the initial position.  As the points go up the level of difficulty goes up.  200-medial position 300-final position 400-phrases 500-sentences.  For this post I was targeting the vocalic /r/and used theses picture cards.

I divided the cards up by  specific vocalic /r/ sounds: 100-ar  200-ir 300-or 400-ire 500-er

-Version B: my one group LOVES jeopardy.  This is one more step but they enjoyed having both.   I found this link on pinterest where you can make your own jeopardy.  The student flies the airplane.  The closest point to where the airplane lands is the row that they can choice from in the jeopardy game.   They just pick which column (for this group each column was different vocalic /r/ sound) they wanted. (In the picture below the student chose AR for 200.   Attached is the questions that I used for jeopardy.


4. Put a piece of tape down for the students to stand behind and throw the airplane.  (Gate A)IMG_8906

5. Wherever the lands that is the amount of points they can earn for saying their words accurately.
One of my groups wanted to see how far they could make their airplanes fly so we got out of the speech therapy room and moved to the hallway.

You can use this activity for vocabulary by putting different words at different point levels and asking the children to describe or put the word in a sentence.  I have also used this game with the language Super Duper cards.

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