Grammar or Articulation Activity using “Jenga”

IMG_8818My students have been working on identifying what a noun, verb and adjective are for some time now and asked to play a game.  I find that there are a lot of games out there that you can easily use to target articulation and vocabulary skills but not grammar skills.  I love this one that I got off of Pinterest last year but the students were over the activity.  (I am always trying to find activities that do not take that long to create, do not cost that much money and can be used with more than one student on my caseload).  When I saw this colored “Jenga” like game I immediately thought of my grammar group and how I could use it with the aforementioned grammar activity.

Before we start the game I usually review our anchor charts similar to these that I found on Pinterest (noun,  verb,    adjective).  They also take out their grammar  visual  (free printable attached), that they filled in at the beginning of the year, from their folders to look at if they need help with remembering what a noun, verb and an adjective are.

Activity:  IMG_8827

All you need is the game, 3 plastic cups, Popsicle sticks, and a marker.  **I color coded my cups (red, blue, yellow) using file folder labels so that I can use the cups again.   Red is for verbs, blue is for nouns and yellow is for adjectives.  You can also write directly on your cups. IMG_8828

How to Play:

This game comes with a colored die.   To play the student rolls the dice.  The color that comes up on the die is the color block that they have to take out from the tower. If they roll a red color they have to tell me a verb (blue a noun and yellow an adjective).  Then I write (or if they can/want to I have them write on the Popsicle stick), if they are correct, the word they gave me on a Popsicle stick. Then they have to put the Popsicle stick into the corresponding colored cup.  Usually, we have time to play this game twice.  For the second game, the rules are the same but instead of providing a noun, verb or adjective, they have to pick a stick from the cup that corresponds to the color they rolled and put the word in a sentence. (For example, in the picture below if I rolled a yellow I would take out a yellow block from the tower.  Then I would pick a Popsicle stick from the yellow cup and put it in a sentence.  “The sky is blue.”)






If you do not have the color version you can just put color stickers on your blank blocks.

The great thing about this game is I can use it for a variety of skill areas that my students are working on.  For example, articulation. (Red they come up with a word with their target sound in the word initial position, blue is medial position and yellow is final position).  I play the game the same way .  The first game they work on their sounds at the word level and the second game they work on carrying over accurate sounds to the sentence level (if that is the level they are on).   I also use my Webber Articulation Book or word lists from Mommy Speech Therapy if I think my students need help with generating words with their target sound in them.  For my younger students, I cut out the Mommy Speech Therapy worksheets  pictures (/p/ initial example) and put a corresponding color dot on them (ex. red for initial).



2 thoughts on “Grammar or Articulation Activity using “Jenga”

  1. I absolutely LOVE this idea! Using the Jenga game is a brilliant idea for targeting many speech and language skills! Thank you for posting this! I will definitely try it 🙂


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