Articulation Activity-Paint chips

Easy Articulation Activity

This activity takes no time at all and students ask me if they can play it every session.   I took paint chips from Home Depot (free!) that have three shades on them. IMG_8750

I then went to my big articulation drill book (if you do not have a drill book look at Mommy’s Speech Therapy for a list of words) to get words that included the student’s target sound (in this picture /k/ and /g/ were targeted in all word positions).  I used the top “shade” for words that contained targeted sound in the initial position, middle “shade” for words that contained targeted sound in the medial position and the bottom “shade” for  words that contained sounds in the final position of words.


I then cut them in different shapes so that they were “puzzle” pieces.

*I laminated the paint chips before I cut them so they will last longer.


Next, I spread them all out on the table and told the students to find the matches.   For students who cannot read, I copied pictures from the Webber Articulation Book and glue them to each “shade.” (Again, if you do not have articulation books you can print out Mommy Speech Therapy Worksheets).


Once the students found matches they had to say all three words.  For students working on producing their sounds at the sentence level, I had them use the word(s) in a sentence.  Students often wanted to use all three words to make a silly sentence.  For example, “The cow watched the truck filled with bacon drive by.”  If you want to make it into a game you can see who gets the most matches.

I hope you enjoy this activity as much as my students do!!

IMG_8739IMG_8741 IMG_8742

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