Dollar Store Series: Easy Co-treating Activity with OT and SLP

Football Obstacle Course

Ever find it difficult to have a 30 minute activity that incorporates both OT and SL goals/objectives ? Here is the perfect solution: an obstacle course.  Read below to find out how the OT at my school and I targeted both OT and SL goals throughout our group session.

Total Cost: $10.00*

Pirate Booties: five dollars, cones: $1 each from Dollar Store, baskets $1 each from Dollar Store, Football : $1 from Dollar Store
*baskets, cones and football are things that I will get more then one use out of.

Activity: The students go through the obstacle course one at a time.  The other students sit in  the end zone (see below), eat popcorn in their previously made football bowls and shake their spirit shakers. (if you have not been following see this post to find out how to make the spirit shakers and popcorn bowls).










1. The student is shown a vocabulary word (I used Boardmaker(R) pictures for this activity*) and says the word out loud (using accurate articulation).  Next they throw the football into one of the two baskets based on what category their word fits into.  In our obstacle course one basket was “food” (items you would find at a football game) and the other one was “football equipment” (helmet, jersey).

OT goal: ball skills, hand eye coordination
SL goal: articulation, vocabulary, categories


*I know that it takes awhile, at times, to think of words when making Boardmaker picutres so here is the list of words I used: football, football game, football jersey, stadium, referee, coach, team, run, whistle, shoe, field goal, goal post, kick, throw, catch, helmet and water

2. Next the student picks up a vocabulary word and walks across the balance beam.  When they get off the balance beam they say their word and place the picture on a piece of construction paper that is hung up on the wall.  I gave the students directions on where they needed to place their picture.  For example, “Put your picture above the football.” or “Put your picture next to the helmet.” This was a great way to target prepositions.

OT goals: balance, motor planning
SL goals: prepositions, articulation, vocabulary

3. Next the student army crawls under the streamers (attached to a table and a bookcase) and through the tunnel.

OT goal: motor planning
SL goal: prepositions


5.  Then they run in a zig zag pattern to match pictures (the same pattern they used when tying a shoe in the previous post)

OT goal: motor planning
SL goal: prepositions, vocabulary, articulation












6.  Finally they “crab” walk to the end zone.



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