/p,t,f/ free printable football articulation cards

picture of articulation cardsIn preparation for my football themed week I made some free printable football cards that target /p, t and f/.

p football articulation cards

t football articulation cards

f football articulation cards



Possible activities to use these cards with:

1. Print these cards twice and play memory.  Every time a student gets a match they have to say their words.

2. Have the child pick an articulation card.  The child says the word and if they say it accurately they get to “flick” the football.

3.  Spread the cards around your floor.  Put the goal posts from the game (picture on the left) on opposite sides of the room.  Then have the students flick the football.  The student then says the word that the “football” lands closest to.  Have them take turns until they get a field goal.


Total cost of this activity: $1.00

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