Dollar Store Series-Clawing for Apples

Bobbing for apples seems like an activity of the past, with good reason. I do not think that there are enough Colorox wipes, baby wipes or hand sanitizer to make that activity germ free.  So, I have a solution,  “Clawing for apples!”

IMG_8561I found this claw at The Dollar Store for $1.  I thought about how my students would love this toy and how easy it would be to incorporate this toy into our apple activity this week.



I took 16 paper bags that I bought at The Dollar Store for $1 and made “apples” by twisting the top (it took me two minutes to make 16 paper bag apples). Next, depending on the student’s abilities I had them either color the bag, paint the bag or do a color, cut, glue activity (with this free apple coloring page).

We then placed them in a 4×4 square (I made a a bunch so that we would have enough apples to make a matching game).  Then the students used the claw to lift up the bag to see the “apple” related picture. Next they had to find the match.  When they got a match, they had to put the vocabulary word into a sentence (You can use this game to target vocabulary, grammar and/or articulation).  The best thing was that when therapy was over I opened the “apple” and put a copy of the apple vocabulary words inside for them to take home to practice.IMG_8580 IMG_8581


For my students working on prepositions I first read this (free) book that I downloaded and printed from Teacher Pay Teacher.IMG_8583I then lined up the paper bag “apples” and told the student to close their eyes while I hid the picture of the apple.  The student used the claw to look under each apple until they found it.  Then I asked the student, ‘Where was the apple?” They had to say that it was UNDER the ____(color)___apple..

Where did I get the apple picture?  My privIMG_8572ate client’s mother is a photographer and made this amazing book.  I have used it in so many therapy sessions and cannot wait to get her new book.   Along with her book you can also buy her photo cards and that is where I got the picture cards.   Her website is a great resource for SLPs and parents.











I know that the pictures I used in this lesson you will have to buy so here are some free vocabulary printables on Boardmaker Share and ones that I made from free Clipart.

Total cost: $2.00 (if you buy the book and the vocabulary cards to go with the book you will spend $12.00 total).

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