Matching with EET

On Monday October 20th I posted an activity I called “Punch It Out for Vocabulary.”  I attached a worksheet with Autumn/Fall Vocabulary words.  When I went to print out two copies for myself I realized that my print settings were in black and white, not color.  Ever done that?  IMG_8551

Instead of throwing away the black and white pictures, I decided to make a matching game that correlates with expanding expressive language.

I laminated the black and white pictures.   Then I had the students cut and glue each picture to a piece of colored construction paper that corresponds to an EET item (ex. pink-parts, blue-do).  Then the students played memory. When they got a match they had to describe the matched item based on the color of the construction paper.

IMG_8553 IMG_8554


**Here the student got a match.  They had to tell me what group/category a spider is in and what does a spider do. If the student answered correctly they got to keep the match and go again.

Its that simple.  I love when a mistake can turn into opportunity.

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