Dollar Store Series- EET/describing vocabulary

Punching it out for vocabulary.IMG_8527

I recently came across this activity on Pinterest.  I knew right away that this would be an activity that my students would enjoy. There are so many ways that you can adapt this activity to target your student’s goal but I chose the area of vocabulary.  I am a HUGE fan of the Expanding Expression Tool and my students have been learning about it and using it since September.    IMG_8487


1. The student rolls the two dice from The Dollar Store. They enjoy that they get to roll them on the floor!

2. The student guesses the vocabulary word based on three given descriptors. I also have the student tell what part of the EET each description correlated too (For example:  It is                                                                           red.  EET- What does it look like? It has a stem. EET-pink parts)photo1

3. They punch the hole that corresponds to the number that they rolled and pull out the paper inside to see if they are correct.

4. If they roll a number that has already been punched they lose a turn.

I made the board with poster board (on sale at CVS for 33 cents), paper bags and napkins.  I put a picture of a fall vocabulary word in each bag.  I also put 3 colored pom poms ($1 at The Dollar Store for a pack of 80) in the bag based on the EET descriptions given. For example, a pink pom pom if the description was related to an item’s parts.

For this game my students use a visual that we often use during EET activities. I downloaded it from Boardmaker Online.

Total price for this activity: $3.66 (dice, poster board and pom poms)



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