Dollar Store Series-Prepositions

$1.00 for piggy bank and $1.00 for the princess coins.

$1.00 for piggy bank and $1.00 for the princess coins.

The Paper Bag Princess saves money.


One of my favorite books is, “The Paper Bag Princess” by Robert N. Munsch.  When I saw the pink piggy bank and pink princess coins at The Dollar Store I knew what I was going to use them for.






Read “The Paper Bag Princess” book. I used the silver wands to point to the words as I read the book.  The student’s got to point to the pictures and their site words using the wand.

wand book

Go on a Scavenger Hunt to target the understanding of prepositions.  Have the students find the coins and put them in the piggy bank (also works on fine motor skills).

coin in

Play the power point to assess student’s ability to use prepositions.  My students LOVED hitting the space bar to see if they got the answer right. *attached at the end of this post

I have several students who are working on prepositions and a scavenger hunt is a great way to engage the students while targeting prepositions.  At the end of the scavenger hunt and power point presentation we counted the coins to see how many clothes we could buy using the store flyer that I had made.  This also worked on math skills.

Attached Activities: Scavenger Hunt,  Preposition Power Point-Where is the coin? and Store Flyer


For $2.00 I can use the coins to target the understanding and use of prepositions, vocabulary, site words, math skills and fine motor skills.  This activity gets the students out of the chair and moving around the office.  Seems like a deal to me.

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