Dollar Store Finds for Speech Therapy Activities

I found a pin that was titled “Dollar Store Dash” when perusing Pinterest one night.  I clicked on it and it lead me to Miss Thrifty SLP website ( October 2014). Since yesterday was a rainy day I decided to stop at The Dollar Store to see what I could find.  I had three after school clients to see so I was happy to know that the store was open until 10pm during the week.

Being a fan of the Christmas Tree Shop (My family and I grew up going to the flagship store near Cape Cod every summer) and Target, I was skeptical that I would find that many items that I could use.  As you can see from the picture below, I was mistaken.  I got everything in the picture below for only $54!!! I found that I can buy the same amount of things at Target or Christmas Tree Shop and spend twice as much. It is here that I found inspiration for my first series of posts.

My recent purchases.

My recent purchases.

I am sure that this has occurred to many of you reading this blog.  Has anyone gone into The Dollar Store for just one thing and actually left the store with just one thing?   For the next month I hope to post examples of how I used the items in the above picture and free printable materials (if applicable) to go along with the items. The next post will target Final Consonant Deletion.


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